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Not so New in Town by Michele Summers

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Michele Summers, a North Carolina author, writes what our hearts want every time: Amazing characters, funny dialogue, heartfelt moments and a satisfying HEA! Summers gives you a mix of laugh out loud moments along with emotionally charged scenes. Lucy and Brogan are delightful as a couple, proving that opposites indeed attract. Both have big hearts and share their time and talents with the ones they love and even with ones they don’t love so much. Lucy comes home to help her bedridden step-sister (who tormented her back in high school) and her surly teenage nephew. Brogan returns home to settle his mother’s estate and to open one of his health food stores. Brogan promotes a healthy lifestyle and Lucy finds any reason to eat Cheetos and drink Mountain Dew. There are some delightfully funny and zany antics that involve the whole town of Harmony. And the chemistry between Lucy and Brogan is heated and steamy. This story is wonderfully touching about family, friends, love and forgiveness. I look forward to reading more from Summers in the future.

#RomanceNovel #NCauthor #MicheleSummers #RaleighNCauthor #comtemporaryromance #humor

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