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Meet Our Writers and Artist

Meet The Beltline Buzz Team


Carol Lynn Foster

Publisher & Editor


Carol Lynn Foster, Publisher and Editor of the Buzz, is responsible for producing a new and fresh newsletter each week. Her research consists of visiting restaurants, shops and galleries around the Triangle and throughout the state of North Carolina which fuels her inspiration to write weekly articles on fabulous places, people and things.


Carol Lynn is an Internet marketing executive who enjoys pursuing creative and innovative ideas and turning them into reality. She has embraced technology to keep clients and civic organizations up to date. She has a knack for social networking and works as a consultant for small businesses who need help with marketing on the Internet. If you need her marketing expertise, please use our Contact page and she will be in touch. 


Carol Lynn is a Raleigh, NC native who’s been active in numerous volunteer organizations supporting businesses, the arts and social causes. She is a UNC graduate, a mother of two, and is involved with her very large family of eight brothers and sisters. 


Michele Zaytoun

Copy Editor


Michele Zaytoun another creative mind on team Beltline Buzz, is a graduate from UNC and Miami Dade College with an Interior Design degree. She works as a licensed interior designer and is owner of the design firm, Zaytoun Interiors in Raleigh, NC and Miami, FL.


Not only is she highly talented in interior design, but Michele is a published author under the pen name, Michele Summers. Her books may be found in bookstores and on Amazon. Publisher: Sourcebooks.


Michele is one of Carol Lynn’s six sisters. And considered her favorite. (But don't tell Carol Lynn's other five.)


Mark L. Foster

Copy Editor


Mark Foster is Carol Lynn's husband and helps as a "ghost writer" when needed. Mark's biggest challenge is writing with the same sense of humor his "boss" thinks he should have.


Mark pitches in and writes very witty articles for the Buzz. He is most valuable in tracking down and trying out new places around Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and throughout the state. Mark travels the state for reasearching purposes in order to feature articles of great interest to you.   


Mark is a finacial consultant and president of Foster Finacial Consulting. He serves as consulting advisor to The Beltline Buzz. We are truly grateful for the many hours he provides for the Buzz.



Inslee Fariss

Graphic Designer/Artist


Inslee Haynes is a graduate from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA where she majored in studio art and art history. Her sketches have evolved from whimsical mermaids (age 4!) to portraits of her dachshunds Nathalie, Priscilla, Eloise and Jemima!. Later she began sketching ballerinas and brides which eventually led to her love of sketching all things fashionable and elegant.


Inslee’s sketching moves as quickly as the ever-changing styles of the moment in her attempts to capture the glamour and beauty of couture. She illustrates the feeling and styles in the Triangle for The Beltline Buzz. Inslee sells her art work via stationery, note cards and calendars on She lives in NYC and has her own art studio. 



Blaise Waters



We are delighted to have Blaise Waters work as an Intern for The Beltline Buzz during his senior year of high school. (2015-16) Blaise attends Broughton High School and is a member of the Varsity Men’s Tennis Team and strives to stay on the A-B Honor Roll.  


Blaise comes to us in anticipation of sharping his sales and marketing skills. We have created a program that will allow him to help grow The Beltline Buzz, as he gains valuable experience in these fields. We're confident he will do a great job for the Buzz as he interacts with merchants, customers and subscribers around the Triangle.    


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